22 Songs for World Environment Day 2017 #WED

Let’s Focus on our Planet

Another day in the UK. Another terrorist incident. My post last week was about standing strong for Manchester in the wake of the horrendous bombing of the Manchestay strong london terrorist attack June union jack flagster Arena. Little did I think that less than two weeks on, we’d have witnessed another attack, this time in London. It’s World Environment Day today and in an effort to focus on something positive, I am concentrating my mind on the world around us for the next few hours.

Protect Our Environment

Established in 1974 by the United Nations, World Environment Day has the aim of encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.  It is the people’s day for doing something to take care of the earth, whether it be locally, nationally or globally. Do it alone or with a crowd – you choose.

earth planet environment globe leaves sunlight

Hosted by Canada, this year’s theme is “connecting people to nature”. Answer the call of the wild and get outside. Reconnect with nature and celebrate the places that matter most to you. The WED website has some great ideas on how to do this.

Ideas for Participating in WED

One idea I particularly love is the Global Album: WED is inviting people to share photos or videos of your favourite place in nature on Social Media, tagged with #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature, explaining why it’s special to you.

Porth Ysgaden Tudweiliog Wales sea flowers coastline
Porth Ysgaden, Wales

Here’s one I’ve shared to the Global Album. It’s of one of my favourite places in the UK – a tiny little port in North Wales.

Other ideas include “Celebrate Together” – join in one of a host of events happening all over the world and help build the world’s largest nature database by exploring the amazing species in your everyday world.

earth planet environment leaves butterlfy

The Playlist

I’ve put together a list of positive tracks to uplift you and inspire you – and to give you some faith in this planet of ours. Last week we were standing strong for Manchester. This week, London – we are with you.

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